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Uttarakhand mesmerizes everyone with its classic natural beauty surrounded by the awe-inspiring Himalayan peaks as well as the lush green forests all around. With pleasant temperatures all through the year, travel destinations in Uttarakhand are popular with smart and discerning tourists as places to rejuvenate and unwind, both in summer and winter. Uttarakhand travel destinations offer a mix of everything for everyone, from adventure sports to pilgrimage centers. The valleys are as ancient as the holy places that abound in this friendly and welcoming state. Here are some of the unforgettable travel destinations in Uttarakhand that leave visitors spellbound.The Valley of Flowers: First discovered in 1931 by a British mountaineer, who was enraptured by this picture-perfect location, it has since grown to be one of the most popular Uttarakhand travel destinations. It is a World Heritage Site with more than 300 different flower species. The Valley of Flowers is now a national park spanning 87 square meters. There are trekking trails, buses, jeeps, ponies, and even helicopters for people to reach the valley according to their convenience.Rajaji National Park: Set in the Haridwar foothills, this park is as famous for its forest as it is for the hundreds of Asian elephants that roam freely through the park. There are also Himalayan bears, leopards, tigers, sloth bears, as well as exotic birds that can be seen. The numerous forest rest houses that dot the national park make it a pleasure to spend days and nights exploring the park. This is also the place for fossil hunters, with the 10-million-year-old Shiwalik trail being a treasure house of fossils.Corbett Tiger Reserve: India’s first national park still abounds with legendary tales of its charismatic founder, Jim Corbett, who immortalized the tigers of Kumaon in his book The Man-Eaters Of Kumaon. The more than 200 tigers can be seen if lucky, especially in the months of April to June. The reserve is rich with other wildlife too as well as habitats ranging from grassland to rivers. Bird lovers will enjoy visiting the reserve in the months from December to March when a large number of migrating birds visits the Ramganga Reservoir in the reserve. The largest number of animals can be found in the core area that is open from November to June, called Dhikala.Binsar: For a 300-kilometer panoramic view of the Himalayas as well as the Kumaon Hills, there is no better place to stay in than Binsar. At an altitude of 2412 meters, this town has wildflowers, hanging moss, and an exotic array of alpine flora that is breathtaking in its simple beauty.Deoria Tal: Anyone interested in enjoying nature, bird watching, or angling cannot miss a visit to Deoria Tal that has enraptured ordinary folks to poets from time immemorial. The lake is located at an altitude of 2438 meters with lush green forests encircling it. The reflections of the peaks of Neelkanth, Gangotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath can be seen in the clear sparkling waters of the lake on a sunny day. These Uttarakhand travel destinations may be slightly off the beaten track but offer memories that are sure to last a lifetime!

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Certainly when it comes to finding out what the top ten travel destinations are there are a plethora of sites around on the web today which can offer you a list all of which say is the definitive one. However probably the best place to start looking for the top travel destinations around the globe is by having a look at what the World Tourism Organization website has to say on the subject.Each year the World Tourism Organization will release data that lists the countries that have had the most number of visitors to theirs from other ones. Plus it also helps to show those countries which have seen an increase in the number of foreign visitors visiting their shores. For example in 2005 the number of tourists visiting China has nearly doubled and the same could be seen for Turkey as well.Currently the most popular continent to be visited by most world travellers today is Europe with Italy being the top destination of all European countries. Whilst France, UK, Spain and Germany then follow close behind. Around 18% of all world travellers to Europe go to Italy, France and Spain. The reason why Europe is so popular is because of the architecture, culture and the history of many of its major towns and cities.Another popular destination with other travellers around the world is Africa with Egypt being the most popular of all countries in this region with both South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Rwanda being close behind for visitors to come to.However if you are looking for something a little more exotic then certainly in recent years the number of tourists taking a vacation in China is on the increase. In fact people are looking to visit countries such as China, Japan and Thailand as they have grown without being too strongly influenced by Western ways and methods.In fact as previously mentioned the best place to search for details of the top ten travel destinations around the world today is to look at the World Tourism Organization site. Currently you will soon discover that it is Western European countries which are dominating the top of many lists now to be found online.